Ortansia Oje

Ortansia's song, Love's Kaleidoscope, has been chosen as the soundtrack for the new Botage Botanical Scalp Essence internet commercial. 

 Ortansia's song, From Your Deep Dark Eyes, has been chosen as the soundtrack for the new Mieru lutein supplement internet commercial.

Ortansia has been chosen as BGM Artist at a Harajuku art gallery, and a selection of her songs will be played at a special event to be held there in October.

Ortansia Oje's Christmas Concert 2017 was held on December 25th at the Minami Azabu Centre Hall, Hiroo, Tokyo (from 6pm). Special guest at Ortansia's concert was the renowned artist Nikita Yamashita, a member of the popular male chorus group, Royal Knights. The group was awarded a gold disk in Russia during the Soviet era.  

Ortansia's dance number, 'Dance with Me', from her Silent Heart album was broadcast on the Nishi Iburi View FM Radio Station (84.2 Mhz), Hokkaido, Japan, today on its programme, 'Menkoiko Niwa Tabi Saserou!'. 

Ortansia's jazz song 'Cafe Window' was played on Yoshimoto Production's YES-fm's radio station's late night show 24 Wagon (12pm-1 am) several times between November 13th -19th. The station broadcasts to the residents of Osaka and Kobe.

Ortansia's jazz song 'Cafe Window' (which was a finalist in the VH1 Song of the Year competition in Texas, US) was played on the Kawasaki FM radio station (79.1 MHz) on 31st October.

 Ortansia Oje was the special guest on 'Indies Night', an hour-long radio show programme on the Ichikawa & U-Lala FM, (83.0 MHz) Chiba, Japan, radio station. Four of her songs were also played during the programme. The show was broadcast on October 10 to the residents of Ichikawa and Urayasu, Chiba. 

 Five of Ortansia Oje's songs are on the soundtrack of the recently-produced short film, Private Lesson, directed by Noel and Marika Williams, starring Ortansia Oje, and co-starring a famous Russian ballet dancer and   a Russian actress who appeared in the James Bond film, From Russia with Love. The film can be viewed in its entirety on the Movie page of this website; on the movie site; and on

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